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#PitMad Success Story

#PitMad September 2015 @KatShehata

RUSSIAN TATTOOS Falling in love isn’t a crime, but falling in love with a Russian mob boss could get tennis star killed #PitMad #NA #S

Prior to PitMad, I researched publishers and found Limitless Publishing. They seemed like a perfect fit for my edgy NA Suspense, so I put them on my list of publishers to query. What a fantastic surprise when Limitless Publishing found me on Pitmad and starred my tweet! They requested a couple chapters, then a full manuscript, and shortly thereafter, offered a three-book contract for my trilogy, RUSSIAN TATTOOS!

Virtual fist-bumps to Brenda Drake for her positive energy and for helping authors, agents, editors, and publishers find their perfect match. To everyone in the query trenches, I highly recommend visiting for contest information and resources. Follow her on twitter @BrendaDrake

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